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The Giving Club || Bracelets

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Introducing an exciting new opportunity to help the JLY community practice generosity in an easy & affordable way.

We have seen story after story where people have given their bracelets away & now that person wears it everyday. We will never know the full impact of what 1 little reminder of Jesus' love can have in someone's life.

With the introduction of The Giving Club, we will be introducing an affordable structure where you will receive a certain item every month with the intention of giving them away to people in your life.

With this, you will receive 20 bracelets every month for a discounted price of $20 (just $1 per bracelet!!) & you can pause, cancel, or skip your subscription at any point.

Think if you made it a goal to give 1 away every day...what the eternal impact can be. 🖤

Customer Reviews

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Jackson Smith

Great, people are asking for them!


Love them! Thank you!


super strong

Ruth Tice
Love sharing your Jesus loves you Bracelets!!!

I would say, 99% of the time I get an incredibly positive response...The other might be a polite thank you...but never negative.

Nicholas Hanges
We love it

Abby Horst introduced us to your gear and we love it. Abby is awesome and so are you!