Heart & Soul



Our heart has never been for us. Maybe that's not the best business tactic, but we know this message is a lot bigger than just a "trendy fashion line." When we started this we prayed a simple prayer... "God, make this so big that we couldn't possibly credit ourselves."

We have seen this movement stretch across the world into multiple countries, and cultures. Not with a focus on US, but "turning the conversation around" to others. We want to take Jesus' love into the streets, the bars, the groceries stores, and wherever you might find yourself. This is not a message "for christians- by christians." This is for people - by Jesus.

The love of Jesus is not the only message that needs to be spread, but it's a good place to start.

After all, our entire life foundation is built on that one fundamental truth. Jesus Loves You.


We may not become the biggest brand, and we may not make millions, but we will change lives. So will you. That's our focus.


With Love

-Trenton Jackson