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"WARM THE CITY." Cold-Protection Bundle


"WARM THE CITY." is an initiative to keep the homeless of our cities from freezing.

Our goal is to provide 1,000 homeless people with protection from the cold.

Last year alone, there were 921 recorded deaths due to lack of cold protection. RECORDED.

We've researched, and found that the most detrimental places to keep warm are the head, the chest, and the extremities (hands, and feet.)

Every bundle purchased provides a man, woman, or child with protection to all of those places.

One bundle is equal to protection for one person, and  are set up with a cost of $15. No shipping charges. You are allowed to purchase as many as you would like.

Our goal is to sell 1,000 bundles, and Jesus Loves You Co. will be covering the rest of the expenses, printing, and distribution.

We are not doing this for profit at all. In fact, we are personally giving to this initiative. We want you to know that whatever you choose to give will go directly to helping save a person from dying alone on the streets this winter.


Help us "WARM THE CITY."

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