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Jesus Loves You

Blessing Bundle - Summer Edition (read description)

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One of our favorite things that we offer is our Blessing Bundles.
These are typically a bundle including a blemished hoodie/crew & a blemished t-shirt.

Our new Summer Edition Bundles are special! They include 2 Blemished Tees & a NIV New Testament Bible.

The Blessing Bundle was created because if you are anything like us, you hate telling homeless people "hey...i actually don't have anything on me that I can give you."

We found a solution to that problem when we ran across a box of hoodies that were set aside because they had something wrong with them. This is sometimes as small as a dot of ink or a small hole, but obviously we can't sell those.

So The Blessing Bundle was created. Now you can always have something in your car to hand to someone in need & share the love of Jesus with them!


Please understand that these items are blemished and may include but are not limited to:

small holes, ink stains, unraveled stitches, or imperfect prints

They come in random sizes. 

These are heavily discounted to allow you ease of access to help others!