• Blessing Bundle (3 Tees for $10)

Blessing Bundle (3 Tees for $10)

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The Blessing Bundle was created because if you are anything like us, you hate telling homeless people "hey...i actually don't have anything on me that I can give you."

We found a solution to that problem when we ran across a box of hoodies that were set aside because they had something wrong with them. This is sometimes as small as a dot of ink or a small hole, but obviously we can't sell those.

So The Blessing Bundle was created. Now you can always have something in your car to hand to someone in need & share the love of Jesus with them!


Please understand that these items are blemished and may include but are not limited to:

small holes, ink stains, unraveled stitches, or imperfect prints

They come in random sizes

These are heavily discounted to allow you ease of access to help others!

Customer Reviews

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Kate Regenold
Jesus Loves You Merch!

First of all, I would like to state that I love the messages provided on the clothing, and believe that this is such a beautiful way of ministry. However, I would suggest only buying a single item instead of a pack such as the blessing bundle. I ordered a blue Jesus loves you shirt and the Holy Spirit outpour one, both of which I love and always wear. They do wrinkle very easily though. I also bought two blessing bundles out of curiosity, but was very disappointed. 1-I received three of the same shirt. 2-I also received shirts much too large for me. 3-I even received a shirt with two holes in it even marked with tape marked with “hole” to state where they were. Fortunately, I was able to give them all to my friends who are getting good use out of them, but it is very disappointing that I was unable to wear them. So as much as I love the message, I can’t recommend!

Carolin Baranets

Very nice, I loved it.


Nice quality shirts and they’re awesome, fit my style and now I can represent Jesus through fashion!


So 1/2 my order was mediums and 1/2 my order was 2XL. I understand the blessings bundle is random sizes, and it’s designed for giving to the homeless, but how many 2XL homeless people have you seen begging for $ on the street? I’ve not seen very many myself. I wish there was more of an assortment. :(

Great products

Ordered multiple shirts and hoodies, took everything a little while to arrive but when it did it was great!


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